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South Pole & Emperor Penguins

Icy Adventures

November and December 2024

South Pole & Emperor Penguins

This is an exceptional experience for travellers with an appreciation for geography, history, wildlife and remote wilderness.

This seven day adventure will take you from cosmopolitan Cape Town to the southern most point on earth followed by a flight across ice shelves and sea ice to the Astrid Emperor Penguin Colony on the edge of the Nivl Ice Shelf.

We will depart Cape Town on a five and a half hour flight to Novo Airstrip in Queen Maud Land. From Novo Airstrip we will transfer by Arctic Truck to our very comfortable lodgings at Oasis Camp.

Your Ride to Schirmacher Oasis

We will fly to the South Pole in a Basler turbo prop (a modified DC-3). On route we will stop at FD83 to refuel and give the pilots a rest before flying on to the geographic south pole where Roald Amundsen first set foot on 14 December 1911.

Basler for the journey to the South Pole
Standing at the South Pole
Standing at the South Pole

We will fly to the Astrid Emperor Penguin colony in a Twin Otter. The flight affords magnificent views of the Schirmacher Oasis, the Lazarev Ice Shelf and icebergs trapped in the tapestry of sea ice below. Our pilots will set us down on the Nivl Ice Shelf for the short walk to the colony where we will have the enormous privilege of observing these majestic birds at close quarters.

Emperor Penguins, Astrid Colony
Twin Otter parked on the Nivl Ice Shelf

We will stay at the recently refurbished and very comfortable Oasis Guesthouse, a short drive from Novo Airstrip. You will enjoy delicious meals and warm lodgings. There are also some fantastic ice features to visit close to Oasis Camp including an ice tunnel in the Lazarev Ice Shelf and an ice wall some 45 minutes drive from camp.

Oasis Camp
Oasis Camp, our very comfortable base camp.
November & December 2024

US$75,000 per person

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